A very interesting pricing strategy that makes you spent more

You are at the car showroom to buy a car.

The best variant of the car you are looking for is 6 Lakhs. You like it. But then the salesman tells you that there is a car in the upper segment which starts at 6 lakh.

You start to think. You end up thinking that it is better to go for an upper segment car rather than spending almost the same amount for a lower segment one.

Then after you made your mind, you decide to add some additional or basic features to the new car and end up paying 7.5 lakhs for the upper segment car.

You came to spent 6 lakh, now ends up paying 7.5 lakh.

This kind of pricing strategy is not just implemented in automotive industries but in many other areas such as televisions and more.


I'm not sure about the moral responsibilities, that is another debate of its own.
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