Best Email Campaign Ever

This brand's Emails should be the new bench mark.

Who opens a brand’s newsletter nowadays?

In fact, I’m now careful more than ever to untick that “Send me newsletter/promotions“ check box when I’m signing up for a new SaaS app.

But this one, I often search for it in my mail, find it inside my “promotions“ tab, and goes through the mail.

I’m talking about Grammarly’s Emails

Check this.

As you can see, it’s super-personalized. And by personalized, I’m not talking about adding your first name after “Hi“. That’s simple now with {Hi <First-name>} syntax that’s default with most mailing platforms.

They are showing me how many words I typed, How productive I am, and even how accurate my writing was. Adding cherry to the cake, they also show me where I rank among the entire Grammarly users.

Who woudn’’t search for this mail right?

Is there any way you can super personalize emails for your customers?

PS: I have launched a new Youtube channel. Watch the latest video here [Part 2 of Personal Branding Series]