How do you get a reply from important CXOs?

Don't spam. Personalise.

I am a huge fan of inbound marketing, but a very well put together outbound strategy also is an art.

I have been on the journey of outbound for a while and I just wanted to share one simple thing that I’ve learnt so far: How to cold message someone in a way that he/she replies to it and ends up getting into a meeting.

Here's an example:

As you can see, I start by congratulating them on any of their recent achievements/milestones. (Who doesn’t like it?)

Then I have my go-to strategy, which can be easily split into 3 phases:

1) Educate - Make them aware of what they are leaving on the plate

If you look at the “1” marked in the screenshot, you will understand that I have started attacking some gaps that I found out in their online marketing. I picked out three crucial topics that I saw they were not doing right and took a strike on them. I’m sure that it provokes interest to read further.

2) Social Proofing

After education, I move on to prove to them that we are the experts. In this message, I am talking about some other big brands that we’ve helped scale. If you ask me, that’s the best way to gain trust. The logic goes like this: “If this big brand selected us and worked with us for a long time, then we should know the game”.

3) Show our works

Now they know the problem, they know we have worked with some good brands. But one last question may arise in their mind. “All these are great, but what have you actually done? What were the results“. I straight forward answer this by showing our case studies which include the best of our works.

These three pointers pretty much seal the deal and make them feel that we have done our research before pinging them and they feel valued. In my experience, 1 out of 3 people ends up scheduling a meeting with us using this cold messaging template.

How do I find the right prospect? It was one of the topics in my recent Live session on “Zero dollar marketing strategies“. Click here to watch the replay.

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