I Posted a Design Job & This is How I Filter Applicants

First impressions.

I needed to find a design intern to work with our agency very fast.

Hence, I put up a tweet like this:

And I got 25+ messages in one day time. I cannot contact each and everyone and get into a meeting with them individually right? Hence I always pre-qualify people by reading how they placed themselves, their portfolio and their social accounts.

Here I’m sharing 3 screenshots (These 3 screenshots could be considered as 3 models by which we can categorise the entire 25+ applicants)

1) Zero effort lads

These people are a sudden turn off for me, cause if they can’t share anything about them except the fact that they want the job, how much do they really want the job? And how can I know if their work is good or if they really are passionate?

2) Portfolio/Resume dumpers

Then there are these folks, who come in and attaches their portfolio and flies away. Nothing about themselves - very minimal effort. But at least I have something to look into. If there were only two applicants, one being the former and the other being this, this lad would have won the deal.

3) The Ideal ones

These are the kinds that I respect. They acknowledge my tweet, they say they are ready for the challenge. Adding to that - he gave his portfolio, Linkedin, Email and contact number. Now it’s super easy for me. If I like his portfolio - I can easily ring him up.


It’s that simple. If you are trying for a spot somewhere - make it as easy for the receiver to judge you, cause he/she might be getting tons of requests and yours might only get 5-7 seconds of attention - make the most out of it.

Make it unique, make it yours & last but not least sit on it and type as you are speaking to a human.

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