Let customers come after you - Inbound Marketing

How to make a strategy to attract customers to your business

When you position your startup or organization in a way that attracts your target audience towards your business rather than the other way around, in my opinion, you have started to crack your marketing.

I’m a huge fan of inbound marketing, I have been trying to implement the same for my startup for the last three years. It has brought us immense results to date. Almost more than 90% of our clients are inbound leads. We have barely run paid ads and have almost never done cold calls or cold emails. (I’m not saying that it’s bad. I like it - if it’s not on the face and is well researched and is backed by a proper system)

I had given a talk at PayU last week on the same topic and here I wish to share with you all the deck that I had presented in that talk.

The original talk was about 1 hour long. You can click here to watch the entire piece.

To cut it short, I’m cutting it down to two main points: first, how to generate organic awareness for your brand. Second, How to take them to conversion or to the consideration phase.

I’ve chosen an inverted triangle to illustrate the “inbound“ funnel I would like to explain. It means that at the top of the funnel, the number of audiences is high in number and it reduces as it does down the y axis, but the quality or intent increases.

In this picture, the focus is on the awareness stage. It consists of everything that brings you more exposure outside your network or your followers. Reels views, blog readers, etc.. get your brand in front of people that don’t know you. Here the quality of the content, the relevancy of it, and frequency - all play an equal role in reaching the right eyes. The second step that many people who are in the first stage of awareness do is to visit your profile to learn more about what you do. Make sure you let them know about what exactly you do and how you are different & better at it.

Then comes the interesting part, where the real money lies. The conversions. After reaching the right people and giving them enough reasons to follow you, now they have become your followers. Now you can remarket every day with your content that provides them more value, with no ads spent!. If done right, you become the thought leader in your space. Anyone who’s an ardent follower of you, when in need of any service that your organization provides, your brand will be on top of her head, that even counts when her relatives or friends have a need that you can solves.

Later this stage, if you focus on customer satisfaction, your customers are going to be your brand ambassadors for free. And very little is as powerful as word of mouth or referrals - they convert easily & fast. That’s when you have cracked the advocacy stage.

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