One of the best ad copies

It talks about the absence of the product

“It’s the best at whatever it does”

“You won’t believe how good the product is”

“Why wait, sign up and nothing will be the same!“

And the cliche tone goes on. Any website you visit, any product video you watch, you will surely end up reading these kinds of overused ad copies.

But this week, I stumbled into a product video of an ed-tech SaaS company, and at the end of the video, their Ad copy caught my attention.

So much that it’s still in my head and I want to share it with all of you.

Here’s a screenshot of the copy:

Context: It’s a SaaS ed-tech app made for teachers to help them teach better.

Watch the full video here:

It talks about the absence of the product. It gives the feeling to the teachers that they have already signed up for it and adds an element of FOMO too.

Someone give that copywriter a raise!

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