Survey results: Find where you rank [Screen Time per day]

More than 700 people participated in a poll that I ran on Linkedin about the time they spent looking at mobile screens.

This is the result:

Almost 50% of those who voted said they look at their screens for more than 6 hours. It could be 7, 8, or even 10+ hours a day. (The data is from the inbuilt screentime module in iOS and Android devices)

What we can derive from this?

1) There are two extremes. If you look at the bar chart, you can see the first and the last section has the most population. Thus, to conclude, it's almost like you either fall on any of those two categories since 70% of people are in these extremes.

This means, it's really hard to control the usage, either you restrain from it very strictly or it engulfs you.

2) If you sleep 8 hours, then you are awake 16 hours a day. 50% of people spent ( at least ) 6 hours looking at mobile screens. Note that this does not count screen time on your lap.

That means they spent more than 40% of the woke hours looking at their phones.

3) For marketers and content creators, this is both happy and sad news at the same time. It's happy news since people are digitally available to consume your ads or your content close to half the time they are awake.

The bad news is the noise it creates, the content consumption fatigue it creates on users. If you are a content creator, and you decide to only post once a week, on average people consume 42 hours of content from other creators which could make them forget about you at all. The same goes for advertisers. Literally, do you remember any of those ads you saw on Facebook or Youtube today?

I don't really know what & how to conclude this letter, whether it's about staying relevant to the times or about becoming a slave to the algorithms and devices. Some might lose their identity while others gain theirs.

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