The backstory of my post that got 67,789 views

Creativity is a process

This week, one of my Linkedin posts went really well to get more than 1400 likes. This article is not about how to go viral, but on how I ideat & execute posts like this.

The entire process looks like this:

1) I consume quite a bit:

This is a part many of you might be doing. But since I’ve been consistently creating content for almost 3 years now, my type of consumption is a bit different. I’m always on the lookout for what to create and on the edge of ideating. In this particular case, It started with news of Byju’s acquiring a US ed-tech startup. People were talking about the acquisition spree that Byju’s was in. I thought “aha“ this could be something to make a oneliner on.

2) I note it down:

After I got the topic, I immediately tried to think about something quirky, unfortunately, nothing came to my mind. When that happens (ie, when I get a topic but is half-cooked or didn’t even start to cook) I add it to my “Ideas(Experimental)“ sheet in my notion.

3) I’ll wait till content drought comes

Most probably I’ll have some other stories or contents to share at the end of the day and I go with the flow. But sometimes, that gets stuck, due to a lack of content ideas. Thursday was a day like that, I couldn’t think of anything. That’s when I revisit my “Ideas(experimental)“ notion sheet. I was just hopefully going through all the half-cooked ideas I had written down.

4) There’s no option but to squeeze it out

When in need, you perform the best. That’s something I believe in. Since I have no content now to post, I have to force myself to think really good to come up with good content based on the “Byju’s“ topic that I have. Then it struck me, I thought about “Byjus’s trying to acquire me - since I taught <someone> <something>“. From that thought, I built the oneliner.

5) I test it out on Twitter

Twitter is my sandbox. I use it for validating my content (Oneliners) before sharing it with my wider audience on Linkedin. I did the same here, I share it on my Twitter and I started seeing above-average reactions, hence shared it to Linkedin too. Tada!

That’s my content creation process, hope it helps!

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