The Golden Rule of Social Media Content

Following these two paths can give you the best mix of content for Social

Social Media content is something that is considered so complicated. People still don’t really know what to post and how things really work there.

Let me try to bring some clarity to the process with these 2 concepts:

“Explore & Exploit”

No need to run away if you think that it’s something very complex. It’s not, let me explain.

Basically what I’m trying to do is to categorize the entire Social Media content into two sections:

1) Explore:

As the word says, it’s meant to explore new things. “New“ in social media generally means a new audience. The content that comes under this segment is aimed to get more eyeballs of people who are not following you and possibly to convert them into followers.

Yes, In this segment we try to create “viral“ content that is share-worthy. Most usually something shocking or informational or entertaining.

Here is an example of Explore content:

It is a piece of content that can go viral and bring in a new audience to our Instagram, hence “Explore“

2) Exploit:

In this segment, which is very important, we try to go deep into our audience and talk about our business or story that will help strengthen our relationship with our current followers. This will not go out of our follower circle, since it might not make much sense to those who doesn’t know our brand.

Example of Exploit content:

It talks about 2 clients we recently landed, which reiterates to our existing followers that our brand is actually an “agency“ and also signals that we are growing. This would not bring us any new followers since it wouldn’t be of any emotional value to those who don’t know us.

I have seen new brands using either of these two too much without having the right mix. Sometimes they just double down on explore content so much that people don’t really understand what the business is about, or otherwise (more often) I see brands just talking about themselves (Exploit) which doesn’t help in growth and eventually only their employees end up engaging with the content.

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