The most "Sweet" growth hack I have seen

This app surprised me with a beautiful gesture

I was in search of a minimalistic to-do list app. Tried a lot of web apps but most of them had too much to offer - which, being a minimalist, I kinda don’t like.

Finally, I stumbled upon TeuxDeux, the perfect to-do list app for me - a no-nonsense but simple weekly/daily to-do list tracker.

I used it for a month and then my free trial ended. The next day while I was in the middle of some intense work, I needed to use the list asap.

But when I logged in, it struck me that my free trial is over and now maybe I have to break my flow to get my card and to renew the subscription.

What I saw after that was really soothing. Check the below-attached screenshot.

In it, you can see that they‘ve told me that if I don’t want to renew now, it’s cool, I can do it after a couple of weeks and I can use it during that time period too!

I believe it’s a growth hack that defies what growth hacks are considered to be nowadays.

It’s user-first

It’s human

It’s share worthy

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