Validation, MVPs and Market fit - Keys to start

Sometimes wanna-be entrepreneurs move too fast! (In the wrong direction)

If you move fast, and your direction is wrong - you are going behind and not closer to the goal.

In my entrepreneurial life as an agency co-founder and as a startup enthusiast, I have seen this happen multiple times.

People with an idea and a team jump into big-budget spending and eventually burns out only after they find out the product is not a market fit.

What you need is an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for validation.

You need to know if your idea solves a real-world problem or at least if the market even cares enough to pay attention.

Uber, Amazon, Airbnb - most of the unicorns started with an MVP.

You don't even have to have a tangible product or an app to get the idea tested.

It could just be a medium article, Linkedin post, or even a tweet!

Look at the case of Dropbox: they launched an explainer video about what dropbox could be to the public. The interest that was shown by the market then eventually helped them raise funds & validated the idea. (See the video here)

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