What's the ROI of cleaning your room?

No, you won't be able to calculate it.

It's done because it's necessary - not because it brings us a direct result the next day.

But it could say something about you. How disciplined & organized you are as a person if someday, some of your friends or distant family stumbles into your room randomly.

Just like that, some acts of marketing make no particular direct impact in the near future. But it could help us a long way at some point in time.

Those could be:

- Being aware of what people see when they research your brand on Google. Putting in work to make it better

- When collaborating with influencers, not forcing them to overpromise and to be pushy about your product

- Replying to any minor complaints someone sent to your Instagram account, taking them seriously

- Starting to grow a community for your audience to help each other grow

the list goes on..

are you working on any of these? Are you cleaning your room?

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