Who is the real influencer?

I was wrong the entire time.

In the world of Paid Influencer Marketing, we often forget what or who an influencer really is.

Yes, people with 100k followers and good engagement are influencers, but they are not the only ones.

It struck me while I was talking with a prospective client of ours. They were in the business of roofing. And while discussing the target audience of the business he mentioned that influencers are very important for them. I nodded and said “absolutely“ (In my mind I was thinking about Youtube & IG influencers)

He went on to say “yes, In our case fabricators (Those who install the roofing sheets) are the most important influencers. Customers often end up asking their opinion about different brands before making the final decision”.

I paused for a second to process it. I felt a bit embarrassed stereotyping the word influencers to “people online who has immense followers”. He was absolutely right, influencers should mean anyone whose opinion can influence the buying decision of the consumer.

He/she doesn’t even need to have an active social media handle, yes having that can amplify the effect - But not the only qualifying criteria.

Do you really know who are those influencers that can influence your customers? Are you doing anything to get their attention?

Email newsletters, Lead magnets, survey reports and thought leadership content strategies could be some ways to get them to shortlist you or your brand (When it comes to industries that function mostly online).

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