Your clients are right in front of you. An example: Amazon Lead Generation

You just gotta clear up your thinking

You might be very passionate about what you’re selling.

You might be really good at it too.

But if you are thinking that the above two factors are just gonna give you clients, you’re like the old me. I thought that if I’m good at something, automatically I deserve customers or clients.

Oh boy, I was wrong.

Sales is an art, finding someone who might want your service, pitching it to them, negotiating and retaining them for a long time is one hell of a job.

In this article, I’ll just be focusing on the first part - Finding someone who might need your service

No, don’t go spamming everyone on Linkedin or mass mailing everyone whose mail ID you can find out. Maybe it might work, like 1 in a 1000 cold mails or something.

What I’ll suggest is to take a pause to breathe and think about who and what they might be doing now.

Are they hiring now? Did they get funded? Are they launching a new product?

If they are hiring or have got funded, you can scrap them out via Linkedin or any startup PR outlets.

Coming to the third point - Are they launching something new?

This was a very relevant point for me since I run a digital marketing agency. If someone is coming up with a new product to sell, they surely are in need of marketing - and we can surely help them out.

Then I thought, where can I find those people who are launching their products?

Where else but Amazon!

Now, how am I going to filter out the new ones from the lakhs of products?

Here’s an example search I did. I looked up the keyword “Skincare Routine Kit” and to filter the newest products, on the top right - I toggled the drop-down to “Newest Arrivals“

And as you can see, in the results I can see new products for 4 brands. I can simply Google them or find out their Instagram or Email to pitch them directly about how we can help scale their sales. At least one out of the four is going to be interested to hear what we have to say.

Now it’s your turn, take a breathe and think about where your ideal customers are now, what are they doing and how can you reach just them?

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