Modern marketing needs honesty, here's an example

When things got digital, one thing marketers learned to do is to manipulate users with fake reviews, fake testimonials, and fake-everything to gain social proof.

Now there are fully-fledged companies that provide apps to add fake social proof pop-ups. If you check Fiverr, you will find people who can provide you fake video testimonials too!

But the modern customer is learning and adapting to overcome this, but it's a hard job to do if you are not a marketer or a brilliant computer science guy.

But one thing is true. Honesty is rare. Thus, I feel people are craving some good honest fact-telling and marketing.

Here's an example that I recently stumbled into:

It's a screenshot from the wellness site for men called "man matters"

Yup! They got all my attention and respect while scrolling through the product page of an acne-related product.

They have a dedicated section to talk about what the product doesn't do!

Even though they have written it with a mix of wit, they are telling the customers the honest truth. "It won't work overnight".

On the other side, many greedy marketers are trying to manipulate people by writing copy and content that overpromises. For the short run.

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